Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New books!

Today, I received my Dinah Zike books that I ordered! I absolutely love them!

I'm super excited to sift through these and start generating some great ideas to use next year. Definitely worth the money spent and the notebook foldables book came with a CD so I have digital copies of the templates as well! Love love love anything digital! I also love the big book of math book. It has foldable suggestions by math concept. 

Today has been spent moving the rest of my classroom to my new home. I've completely moved out and it's definitely bittersweet. Tomorrow will be spent unpacking what I can and organizing my junk. The teacher that was in my current room hasn't moved out yet, since we just found out about our new assignments.

This weekend in North Carolina is tax free weekend. I am super excited because back to school time is my favorite time of year! I'm going shopping with a group of teachers I work with and hitting up all the teacher stores! And of course making stops at Target and Staples for great cheap deals on school supplies! Since this will be the last tax free weekend, I will definitely be taking advantage of this last one!

That's all for now. I'm exhausted!

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