Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Beginning of Something Spectacular!

Just kidding. Hi all! After a year of drooling over all of these awesome teacher blogs that I've come across, I've decided to start one of my own. I'm hoping this blog will serve many purposes, such as:

  • Organizing my scattered thoughts
  • Coming up with teaching ideas
  • Sharing ideas with others
  • Vent session?
  • Lots of randomness
Just a quick intro...I'm Christine! I teach at a middle school in North Carolina. I'm entering my 5th year teaching middle school and I absolutely love it. I currently teach Pre Algebra, Algebra 1, and 7th grade Science. With the new common core standards and lack of resources, I've started to create a lot of my own material that I hope you all find useful as I post them here or on my TPT store. 

Hope you enjoy whatever shenanigans are posted up here! :-)

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