Thursday, February 26, 2015

TenMarks for EOG Prep

Have any of you used the online program called TenMarks? I absolutely love it! I am using this program to prepare my kids for the end of grade tests at the end of the year.

TenMarks is a free math program that has a library of common core standards by grade. You can go in and assign standards to your classes or by student to complete practice problems. When students work on their assignments, it provides hints and videos that they can use to help them through a problem. I really like the questions that the program provides for each standard because it's not all multiple choice - some are fill in the blank and some also have checkboxes for questions that have more than one answer.

This is what the teacher dashboard looks like.

This is what is looks like when you click on a specific assignment you've assigned your class.
Based off of this, I know I need to go back over irrational numbers!

This is what it looks like when you click on the assignment. It gives you the status of each student in your class. When you click on their score, it will show you the questions they had and which questions they got correct, partially correct, and incorrect. It shows you what they put as their answer and what the correct answer should have been. It also tells you if they've used the hints and videos, as well as how much time they've spent on an assignment. I had one student make a 10% and he spent literally 1 minute on the assignment. I made him go back and do it again!

This is what it looks like when you go to the curriculum tab to assign your class an assignment.
As you can see, you can choose which standard you want to assign to them. You can also pull up to 3 standards from other grades (using the free version).

By far, my most favorite part of the program - THE DATA! Look at this! This first picture is the performance by class at a glance.
And this picture is the performance by CC standard! When you click on the colored dots, it tells you which individual student falls in that category!

When students complete an assignment, data gets sent back to the teacher. When you look at each individual student, you can see their "report card", which lists every score they've made for every assignment assigned. When you're looking at the class, it gives you the class average, average amount of time spent, and the most common mistakes your class made. I especially love that because the program will automatically detect deficiencies am able to go back and re-teach what they mostly missed.

What I am doing in my class is assigning two standards a week - 10 questions each. 1 standard is focused on a topic we covered in a previous nine weeks as a review. The other standard is on a topic we are covering at the moment. They are assigned these assignments on Monday and they have until that Friday to complete them. For students that score lower than a 60%, I will have them go back and re-do the problems they missed. They will be required to provide a correct solution (which the program gives them already) and an explanation as to how to get to the correct solution.

I am also planning on having a reinforcement plan for students that score above 80%. My principal is really pushing proficiency above 80%. It's still a thought in process, but I am thinking of maybe putting the names of students that have score 80% or higher on a TenMark assignment into a box by blocks and drawing two names a week to win a HW pass. But then I am also thinking I want to do something for all kids that score higher than 80%. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Because we always seem to run out of time towards the end of the year (and the fact that we've been out for 7 days because of snow), I think this will be a great way to have my kids constantly reviewing these common core standards to prepare for the EOG. I am hoping to make a future blog post on their progress (This is my 2nd week implementing, but we've been out for a week due to snow). I am positive that this will be beneficial!!

The program is free! To sign up and check it out, click here!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Scoop

I'm linking up with Teaching Trio for this week's Sunday Scoop!

3 Things I have to do
Last Monday, we left school early because of hazardous weather that was coming our way (I live in Eastern NC, we normally don't get much winter weather down here!) I was not expecting to miss the rest of the week! You would think that since I was home all week long that I would have the laundry done and lessons done for the week but I was just sooooo lazy! And it felt great to just once take a breather, relax, and do what I wanted to do! Now it's kicking me in the behind because I'm having to do these all at the last minute, but it was completely worth it! :)
As for wrapping my head around this upcoming week, they're calling for snow midday tomorrow and snow on Thursday, so it will be a wonky week. This should be fun!

2 Things I hope to do
I have about 10 products that I've started and just never gotten around to finish! I really need to get this up and running since it's been awhile since I posted something new on my page. I also want to work on another freebie for my followers since March is just around the corner!
I did take some time during this weekend to start prepping for my next unit, which is on system of equations. I need to find some time to sit down and finish everything at once so I will be planned ahead of time!

1 Thing I'm happy to do
Sims 4. Oh my word...not sure how many of you play but I've been playing Sims since I was in middle school and Sims 1 first came out. I own every single Sims game and expansion pack. Last Tuesday, Sims 4 finally came out on Mac and I've been playing every day like a mad woman. This is the reason why I haven't gotten anything school related done!

Until next time! <3

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Math Madness Monday

I'm linking up with Diana for Math Madness Monday!

At my school, we are very data driven. We give common assessments every 4 1/2 weeks and benchmark assessments every nine weeks. After our entire school finishes their common assessments, we analyze their data and input their scores into a spreadsheet where we have set goals for them based off of their EVAAS scores. We then make new goals for the next assessment. This gives us an idea of how much our students have grown (or not) since the last assessments and based off of this, allows us to create re-teaching plans to make sure we hit on standards that our students scored the weakest on.

One thing I like to do is have my kids analyze their classes data. How do I do this? I print out the top 5-7 most missed problems from their assessments and break the kids up into groups. I assign each group a problem and give each group their problem's most picked answer by their peers. They then have to work through the problem together and come up to the class to present. We do this after every assessment. I love this activity because my kids are working together, I'm maximizing classroom time by focusing on standards that the kids missed the most on, and the kids love teaching their peers! :-)

I finally got a chance to type up a reflection sheet so I didn't have to keep writing the same questions on the board for the kids to answer. Soooo...

Here is a freebie for you! I hope that someone finds this useful in their own classroom. In addition to the reflection sheet I use, I have also included a "problem of the day" template with it. You can download it here!

Thanks so much for stopping by! :-)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Currently February

I'm linking up with Farley for this month's currently linky. Wow, I haven't done this since LAST YEAR!

Listening: to absolutely nothing. I love it. J is still sleeping and Kramer is outside running around. Feel nice to have nothing going on right now.

Loving: Even though it's Sunday aka Laundry day, it's still the weekend. I was out of town all day yesterday, so it feels nice to know I have at least one day to relax and lay around.

Thinking: I've been so busy at school with everything going on, I've gotten so behind on posting new products in my store. I have so many ideas and I have started new products but never seem to have time to finish them. And my poor blog....thank goodness for linky parties!

Wanting: Since our curriculum facilitator left, all of the department chairs at our school pretty much were given her responsibilities while we find a replacement. It's been so stressful to take care of administrative duties on top of having to prepare weekly lessons and teach. I've been keeping up with everything our principal expects us to do, but I do need a mental health day before I get burnt out.

Needing: One of my best friend's from college found out her fiance needed emergency surgery. We need all of the prayers and good vibes we can get. Me and my other best friend from college drove out to Wilmington (about 2 hours away) to surprise her and give her support. We took her out to lunch yesterday and I'm glad that we were able to spend time with her, even if it was only for a little while.

Pageant Title: Miss Workaholic would be best fitting for me because I am ALWAYS working. Don't get me wrong - I love my job and I love helping others, and deep down inside, I kind of enjoy being a workaholic because it keeps me busy., Butttt I do enjoy my days where I don't have anything to do and can enjoy the silence. Everyone needs one of those days.