Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday Scoop and an update on my crazy life...

It has been months since I've been on my poor bloggy! Now that it is summer, I am hoping to be back up here more often. So much has happened since I last posted (which was in March, whoops!)

It's been a crazy past few months! I left my position as an 8th grade math teacher to transition to my new role as my school's Instructional Technology Facilitator. It was really hard to leave my kiddos, especially before the school year was over and the EOGs were near by, but I was confident in leaving my kiddos with my intern from ECU that has been with me all year long. It was tough but it all worked out and my kids showed a ton of growth on their end of grade tests!

My new role as a tech facilitator allows me to work with other teachers at my school and help them with anything they need help with: finding resources, help incorporate technology in their lessons, be in charge of the ipads at school, etc. I love my new job and it's a nice change of pace compared to being in the classroom. I am excited to see how next year will be with me starting in my position at the beginning of the school year as opposed to the end. Another adjustment is that I am now a 12 month employee so I now have to work over the summer. No summer vacay for me!

I've also started back up with grad school. I was already 3 classes in from when I was in grad school a couple of years ago. So I should be graduating next summer with a MaED in Instructional Technology if all goes as planned. Speaking of, I should be doing my last assignment for this last class that's due tomorrow....oops! :-p

Now for Teaching Trio's Sunday Scoop!

Happy Sunday and Happy Father's Day! :-)