Monday, July 22, 2013

Back to School Thinking

I had a great time at Virginia Beach this past weekend...definitely need to make it a priority to visit the beach again before school starts!

Since I've been away, I haven't made anything new, but I didn't make a post on what I created last week. As I was reflecting on what I did last school year for back to school activities, I decided I wanted to take a different approach to what I do this year. I want to do more "get to know you" activities and learn more about what my students like at school and how they like to learn. So I created these cute little banners in a shape of a triangle, heart, and star that I am going to do this year. I've seen a couple floating around pinterest, but they were more for elementary school. Since I teach middle school, I wanted more questions about how my kids like to learn other than what their favorite number is or to draw a picture of themselves. Soooo, here is what it looks like completed.

You can find the templates for this one, the heart, and the star at my TPT store. They are only $1!

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