Tuesday, July 23, 2013

ISN update and TOY shenanigans

Since I've come back from vacation, I've been spending most of my time working on my teacher of the year portfolio. I have to answer eight prompts and they are due on Thursday (whoops!) Of course my old college self kicked in and was able to knock out six of eight papers within the past two days. Tomorrow I'm going to finish the last two papers, drop by my school to pick up my principals' recommendation, then make seven copies of this thing and drop it off! Whooo!

When I needed a brain break from writing papers, I continue to work on my Algebra ISN for next year. I'm really excited about how I'm going to implement these next year. Last year was my trial run and received positive feedback from administrators, peers, and students. This year, I'm going to incorporate more foldables and more color! Speaking of color, I received a buy one get one coupon from staples for their colored paper. Since I plan on being more colorful, I went and bought 4 packs (500 in a pack I believe) for the price of 2, and an extra 15% off from using the staples back to school pass.

Here's a pic of what I worked on last night.

Last week I created the Matching Properties Activity sheet that is in my TPT store for FREE. Check it out! The top right pic shows an integer mat that I downloaded from the blog mathequalslove. She's awesome! Check out her blog when you get a chance! The oval below it are practice problems that I made so my students can practice modeling. Lastly, the foldable on the bottom is one that I made on how to add and subtract integers. I plan on posting this in my TPT store whenever I get a chance. UPDATE - The foldable at the bottom of the picture is now in my store for FREE. Go check it out! :)

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