Friday, July 5, 2013

Interactive Notebook

Last year was my first year in implementing the interactive notebooks. My only regret is that I did not discover these sooner!! I had never heard of these before until I was being a nerdy teacher last summer and came across a math blog. I was HOOKED! I only did interactive notebooks in my two math classes and not my science. This upcoming year, I want to implement them in all classes. I did struggle just a little when our district turned into a 1:1 iPad classroom in the middle of the school year. We were pushed to incorporate the iPads into our lessons every day, and I struggled to find a middle. But I gave it much though this summer, and I've finally decided how to incorporate the two.

If you have not done an interactive notebook in your classroom, you should definitely try it out!! My kids loved it (for the most part) and it was very handy at the end of the year when we had EOGs. My students didn't have to constantly ask me to remind them how to solve something we covered 5 months ago. They just took it upon themselves to look in their table of contents, then look up the notes from that lesson.

Being the nerd I am (hence the blog name, the math nerdette), I have started to create my Algebra 1 practice ISN to get ahead of the game. I haven't gotten too far, but I do still have about 2 months left of vacation. Check out the pics!


  1. So how are you going to incorporate the two? I am very curious because I am in the same boat as you. I began ISN's last year, then we went one to one iPad and the notebook got ignored as I tried to incorporate the iPad each day. What are your ideas?

    1. Hi Carol!

      Thanks for the response...I was beginning to think I was just blogging to myself!

      Last year, I don't think I implemented the ISN's as well as I should have. They were unorganized and cluttered because we would work out practice problems under where we put our notes. Then when trying to implement iPads, I ignored the ISNs and had them take notes using the app Evernote. Bad idea. :(

      This year, I decided that I am going to use the ISN's strictly for notes and foldables and use the iPads for videos, assessments, group work, and re-teaching. I think this will be a better solution for me, especially since last year we had a big problem with our students playing games instead of taking notes. This way, the iPads will not be in use during instruction time, then during assessment time, I can observe my students using the iPads.

      Hope this helps! :)