Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Scoop

I'm linking up with Teaching Trio for this week's Sunday Scoop!

3 Things I have to do
Last Monday, we left school early because of hazardous weather that was coming our way (I live in Eastern NC, we normally don't get much winter weather down here!) I was not expecting to miss the rest of the week! You would think that since I was home all week long that I would have the laundry done and lessons done for the week but I was just sooooo lazy! And it felt great to just once take a breather, relax, and do what I wanted to do! Now it's kicking me in the behind because I'm having to do these all at the last minute, but it was completely worth it! :)
As for wrapping my head around this upcoming week, they're calling for snow midday tomorrow and snow on Thursday, so it will be a wonky week. This should be fun!

2 Things I hope to do
I have about 10 products that I've started and just never gotten around to finish! I really need to get this up and running since it's been awhile since I posted something new on my page. I also want to work on another freebie for my followers since March is just around the corner!
I did take some time during this weekend to start prepping for my next unit, which is on system of equations. I need to find some time to sit down and finish everything at once so I will be planned ahead of time!

1 Thing I'm happy to do
Sims 4. Oh my word...not sure how many of you play but I've been playing Sims since I was in middle school and Sims 1 first came out. I own every single Sims game and expansion pack. Last Tuesday, Sims 4 finally came out on Mac and I've been playing every day like a mad woman. This is the reason why I haven't gotten anything school related done!

Until next time! <3


  1. I love your blog title!! I have tons of respect for anyone who teaches middle school and above I don't know how you all do it. Good luck with your week!
    Ms. Pretzel's Super 2nd Grade Bugs

  2. I LOVE the Sims too! I haven't played it since I had kids, but I used to love building and furnishing houses. I hope you getting around to planning your week! Good luck :)
    Smocus Smocus