Sunday, October 5, 2014

October Currently

I'm linking up with Farley for October Currently!

to J talk to our doggy, Kramer. He's so silly!

THIS WEATHER!! I love it when it starts to cool down. Even though the way I dress is SO conflicted! I'll sport a scarf with flip flops any day! :)

I don't want the weekend to end! It's been a good break...spent wayyy too much time at work last week.

a long break. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE my kiddos this year and I love the staff at my school. But this year has been more stressful than my other years combined. It's all about the behind the scenes stuff we have to get done for our admin. Plus the extra responsibilities I have as dept chair. We have to do walkthroughs, feedback, data, make common assessments, make sure our dept is doing all of the above (track them down when they don't turn stuff in), and provide feedback for our depts lesson plans, assessments, and data. I'm also the PBIS/school data person, so I have to keep up with the school's data and behavior data and I'm a mentor, so I have to observe my mentee during my planning and meet with him to talk about ideas and improvements AND I have a student intern this year. Oh, and there's my stuff too (grading, lesson planning, etc). My energy is running on empty reallll fast. If only there was a way to 1)add more time to the day or 2) clone myself, all would be good!

Because of everything mentioned in the wanting section, my blogging and tpt store have been neglected! I need to change this soon!

Trick or Treat:
I did, however, have time to make a little something for everyone. I have a freebie posted here. I am currently working on a bellringer packet that is common core aligned and I have a preview for you! Please download and enjoy and feel free to leave feedback! :)

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