Monday, September 1, 2014

September Currently!

I look forward to this linky every month! I'm linking up with Farley for September Currently!

Listening - Boyfriend and I are thinking about re-doing our floors with laminate flooring. Right now we're leaning towards someone installing them, but he is researching on how to install them.

Loving - This extra day! The first week back is always draining, especially if you start the first week on a Monday! It's so nice to have this extra day to rest. My ankles and feet were definitely killing me by Friday! Plus, today I'm attending a friend's birthday cook out, so friends and food are always a plus.

Thinking - My lesson planning is done for next week, but I want to get ahead. My bellringers are not done though, so I need to get on that, especially since I want to post them on tpt!

Wanting - For September's earnings to exceed August! I can only hope for this! August was by far the best month I've ever, ever had! I usually set a goal and see if I can reach it. I had to raise my goal FIVE times! I love back to school time!! Seeing how well last month went definitely motivates me to work on more products for tpt and post them.

Needing - Which leads me into Needing! I have some things that I can post, but I've been way too lazy to make answer keys for them! Ahhh! I need to get it together! I also have some ideas for my store that I am excited about! I'll have to try really hard to hold it in until it's time to blog about it (when it's done!)!!!

3 Trips - To be honest, I am not a traveling gal. I get really bad car sickness even just riding down the rode if I'm not driving. But I would like to go to Hawaii, Bahamas, and NY. A couple teacher friends and I were talking about going on a cruise. I think that would be fun!!

I can't believe it's September already! I'm ready for the cool weather! Until next time! :)


  1. Hey there! I found you through the September Currently! I'm excited about your blog and reading through your posts! Good luck with beating your August earnings from TPT this month!
    Mrs. H's Resource Room

  2. How exciting that your TpT goals were met and met and met in August! I also had a great month and I'm really wondering how it will go for the next 30 days! I completely get the car sickness! I have that problem unless I drive. We also have found that flying, especially into mountainous areas, has the same effect. Sometimes it is just better to stay home! Have a great day off!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  3. Congrats on August! It was a crazy month! :) It would be nice if every month was like that! :)
    Enjoy your long weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lori :)

    Mixing it up in Middle