About Me

Hi! I'm Christine aka The Math Nerdette and welcome to my blog! I am a twenty something year old teacher from Eastern NC. I graduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelors in Middle Grades Education and concentrations in math and science. I came back to my hometown when I graduated to teach at my former middle school. I'm going into my 6th year of teaching. 

This school year I'll be teaching 8th grade Math and Foundations of Math II, so you'll be seeing a lot of posts focused on those subjects on my blog this year. I have previously taught 7th grade math and science, 8th grade science, and 8th grade Math I and Math II. Please feel free to message me or comment! 

And for fun, here are some fun facts about me!
-I am extremely clumsy (I badly sprained my ankle this year and had to roll around in a scooter for a month)
-I'm obsessed with school and school supplies 
-I think I may have a slight pen addiction (You can never have enough if you're a teacher, right?)
-I am also addicted to anything polka dot or chevron
-I am my own worst critic. I am constantly trying to be better at everything and it drives me nuts!
-I am so indecisive! Please don't ask me to pick where we eat...we will starve before a decision is made!

Hope you had a great laugh! Thanks for visiting!

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